But I like my city

Does anyone remember the episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete where Younger Pete randomly hears what ends up being his favorite song, and then spends the rest of the time trying to find the song, and then trying to recreate said song with the help of the meter reader (played by Marshall Crenshaw), the math teacher (played by Syd Straw), and the neighborhood goon-ish kid (played by, well, a kid)? That's my favorite episode.

But why is it that I never knew about the soundtrack to The Adventures of Pete and Pete until a couple of days ago? Why? Sure, it's not much of a soundtrack, what with it only having music by Polaris (aka Miracle Legion) and none by the Magnetic Fields, who did some music for the show as well. But it's the freaking soundtrack to The Adventures of Pete and Pete. The show that I am seriously considering getting cable for, so I can watch it on one of Nickelodeon's many spinoffs (*).

Anyway, I'm listening to it now. If had listened to Polaris when I was watching the show, I would have had major musical cool points even then.

This is not about the Nick spinoff channel (Noggin? Is that what it is?). Instead, I'm just mentioning that I need to see the show on TV again, because my tape of about eight shows or so is degrading with every viewing, and while in high school, Dave Simon stole my commercially released Pete and Pete tape that has the episode with Michael Stipe as the Sludgesicle Man.

it's really too soon to know

how much of you will there be left for me to save.

I'm so tired.

So I was going to write individual posts for each of the Bands That, According to People and Critics and Whatnot, Bill Really Should Like, But for Some Reason Does Not. But then I realized that my ranting about why I don't love certain bands as much as I'm apparently supposed to would end up sounding very similar from band to band. That, and it would provide me with a lot of comments about how I have no taste or whatever. So instead, I'm just going to give you one list.

But before the list, I should state that I don't necessarily hate any of these bands. I just don't love them (i.e. I think they're overrated). Anyway, here's the list:

1. Nirvana

2. Dinosaur, Jr.

3. Wilco (I'm sorry, New York contingent)

4. Basement Jaxx

5. Coldplay

6. Jay-Z

7. Hole

8. AC/DC

9. The Microphones

18 bands tied for number 10

In other news, I watched parts of the Grammys last night. I was going to watch all of it, but X-Men was on Fox, so I ended up watching that instead. I just have a few comments about the awards:

Norah Jones is a good singer, but everything I've heard by her has been boooooooooring. That's right, with that many o's.

Best Contemporary Folk Album. Yes, it's a category that most people don't pay any attention to. But this year, with Johnny Cash (American IV blah blah blah), Steve Earle (Jerusalem), and Patty Griffin (something with 1000 in it, I think?) nominated, I had faith. I had hoped that either Johnny Cash would have yet another feather in his feather-ridden cap, or Steve Earle would get some credit for a daring album. But noooooo....instead, Nickel Creek or some crap like that won (although Johnny did win Best Male Country Vocal Performance for "Give My Love to Rose"). Boo.

Anyone else find it ironic that the Foo Fighters beat out Queens of the Stone Age for Best Hard Rock Performance? I mean, what with the Foo Fighters attempting to sound as much like QOTSA as possible on the new album.

Seriously. Norah Jones is boring.

If you would have told me that Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, the greasy guy from the E Street Band (yes, Vasant, I know his name), the bassist from No Doubt, and some other guy would share the stage and sing a Clash song together...well, I never would have believed it. The Grammys became worth watching for about three minutes.

Avril Lavigne has an odd stage presence. It's almost like she should still be in high school and...oh wait.

"Lose Yourself" sounds a hell of a lot better when the Roots are playing the backing track. Dave mentioned that it probably would sound even better if Eminem didn't rap on the song either.

John Mayer should have been shot for writing "Your Body is a Wonderland." Instead, he gets a Grammy. Damn this world.

Flaming Lips!! Best Rock Instrumental Performance!