But I like my city

As I feared, I've been sitting in front of this computer for about an hour and a half, alternately soaking up DSL for as long as I can, and trying to think of an embarassing story about Alissa. And while the former has been going well, thank you, I still can't think of any good embarassing stories about Alissa. Please, folks, help a brother out.

Vasant's story of Alissa dropping the cake is pretty classic, though.

The call goes out again. I've (obviously, if you notice when I've been posting lately) gotten myself used to late nights again, and I need to wake up early Friday if I want to have a shot at waking up in time for work at 9:30 on Saturday. So if you're not doing anything at about 12:00 central time, feel free to give me a call. I'm in the book.

Two weblog-related things

I stayed up too late last night reading archives of my weblog. It's just one of those things that you have to do from time to time. Anyway, I realized that I had a lot more humor running through my fingers about a year ago than I do now. I don't know if this is because I've grown stagnant, life-wise, or if I've just not been feeling as funny. Either way, I promise to work on that.

One of the many cool things about Movable Type is that it allows you to see the last five comments made anywhere on your weblog. The problem is that (at least on my version) there is nothing to indicate on which entry the comment was, well, commented. This annoys me to no end, because (for instance) some guy commented and said that Thursday was a really cool band (which they're not). And I don't have the time to search through my entire archives trying to find what entry he was commenting on. Perhaps in a later version.

I fully intended, when I did my favorite albums of the year, to include a statement of the weakest point of the album, along with the defining moment that I actually remembered to include. I didn't do that, and I really should have. I'm reminded because I'm listening to the Reindeer Section right now, and I just had to skip "You Are My Joy" because it's pretty much the weak point of the whole album. That, and "Whodunnit" is so much better.

I also forgot to mention that when Vasant was in town, he dropped off about fifteen CDs that he no longer needed (including his whopping three-disc "Best of 2002" set). Those, combined with the two Mountain Goats albums I bought last week, mean that I have a lot of music to listen to while I'm DSL-less and unable to download with the frequency I usually do. Thanks to Vasant.

when we danced

we danced warm cheek to cold cheek.

a sideways glance,

i knew you were looking at him.

i can't call you a friend.

cuz when you left me here, you left me here to die.

the world ended at 05:45 AM