But I like my city

Did you know that the Bee Gees are the fifth highest-selling music act ever? It makes me wonder who the four above them are (Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd? Maybe?).

I am still amazed at just how many people are finding the one post I made about the Postal Service. Seriously, people are still commenting, and I wrote that post about five months ago.

I can't even get people to comment on my recent posts.

So I was thinking about this a few days ago, reminded by Ivy's album Guestroom. Has anyone in the RIAA ever blamed the Internet for the death of the cassette single, aka "cassingle"? Because while I think that file-sharing programs hasn't had nearly as much impact on record sales as they're attempting to portray, it's probable that the cassingle is dead for just that reason.

That wasn't the point of me thinking about this, though. Instead, I thought about the only cassingles I ever remember owning. They are as follows:

REM, "Losing My Religion" b/w "Rotary Eleven" -- memorable because this song (or to be more accurate, the album from which this song came) was pretty much responsible for my becoming obsessed with music. That, and I remember thinking at the time how ballsy it was for REM to have an instrumental as a b-side. Yes, I have since realized that that wasn't ballsy at all, and was probably just because they couldn't think of any words to tack on.

Nick Heyward, "Kite" b/w ?? -- I don't remember the b-side because it didn't matter. I'm not sure I even listened to it. Because "Kite" grabbed hold of me with force rarely seen in this universe. I was obsessed with it. I would listen to the song (which I had heard maybe once or twice on 97X (Bam! The Future of Rock 'n Roll!), and immediately tried to find on tape somewhere), rewind, listen again. And again. It was insane. And I still think it's a great song (as is Ivy's cover of it on Guestroom).

Polaris, "Hey Sandy" b/w "Staggering" and "Coronado II" -- In order to get this cassingle, I had to eat three boxes worth of Frosted Shredded Wheat. I hated, and still hate, Frosted Shredded Wheat. But the idea of sending off to get a "free" cassette of music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete was just too wonderful of an idea to sit idly by, eating Honey Bunches of Oats instead. So I crammed that horrid cereal down my throat for several weeks so I could get the tape. I still own it...in fact, it's sitting in front of me right now. Best breakfast sacrifice I ever made.

I don't think I ever owned any others. Which is nice, really, because those three cassingles are all ones that I would listen to even today.

Then again, I probably blacked out memories of rocking out to "Living on a Prayer" or some such crap.

Oh, and I have a feeling that posting might be rather sporadic while we are without DSL service. Sure, we have temporary dial-up, but it's both inconvenient (having to wait for most pages to load? What's up with that?) and frustrating (it disconnects itself every half hour or so). So apologies in advance for that.