Three different things

One: I'm enjoying Kingpin (you know, that Sopranos ripoff of sorts, but on network television). New rule--all television shows produced from this moment forward must contain the following things:

Eddie Winslow from Family Matters as a music producer/drug guy.

Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks (who also was in Backbeat, a fine fine movie).

Calexico being played while that guy from Third Watch shoots a pit bull with a shotgun. The focus here is on Calexico being played.

Two: I've been sick for the past few days. It's an odd illness, though--last Thursday, I was weak and had a headache all day, but just that day. This morning I woke up feeling as though I had a hangover, which was physically impossible as I haven't had anything to drink for a month and a half. And all along I've had a stomachache. A stomachache that just will not end. It's driving me crazy.

Three: I got an e-mail from my aunt the other day. Apparently, my cousin who is in the Marines is being shipped off to the Middle East in a couple of days. I have no idea where he's going, or what he's there to do, but he's going. And for all my aunt's patriotic talk in her e-mail (not to mention the fact that I'm proud of the fact that he's made something of himself), I can't help but think that he shouldn't be going. Nobody should.

Maybe you're all that you own.

Several random comments:

Apparently, my boss is being transferred to a different store within the company (eight stores total, all in the St. Louis area). This presents issues, because the fact that I don't completely despise him (I actually like him, and enjoy working for him) is the main reason I went back to work there a little over a year ago. With him gone, and a new manager in, I may find myself looking for a job soon. More details as they become available.

Good to see (hear...whatever) that the new Crooked Fingers is very similar to the previous two Crooked Fingers albums. Although "You Threw A Spark" is kind of odd.

Silkworm has an EP coming out in the Spring that has a cover of "Prayer to God", without any swear words. How is this possible? Did they just make it an instrumental? They also cover Stephen Malkmus, Nina Nastasia, Robbie Fulks, and Bedhead.

Neko Case is playing in St. Louis on Friday. Will I give in to the temptation and break my streak of missing quality shows by, well, actually going? We'll see.

Finally, Tiny Mix Tapes linked to Green Plastic Radiohead, who in turn linked to this page, which lists the wake-up calls that Mission Control sent to the Columbia shuttle while they were in space (they were the Blue Team). I tell you, no news story about the tragedy got much of a reaction out of me, other than, "That really really sucks." But knowing that they were awakened by Radiohead ("gravity always wins", albeit in a completely different context), John Lennon ("imagine there's no heaven", ditto), and Pink Floyd ("feel i'm coming back to life / i'm falling", ditto) just about destroyed me.